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Devon Boxed Beef

Since 1959

Since 1959

Passionate about farming

We are passionate about farming, our animals and our beautiful Mid-Devon countryside. We have farmed at Furzedown Farm for over 60 years and are committed to retaining traditional farming methods. Our focus always has been, and always will be, the welfare of our animals. We take immense pride in working to the very highest welfare standards.

Our pastures run through the heart of the beautiful Mid-Devon, countryside. From our home farm in Copplestone, stretching towards the villages of Coleford and Bow. Much of the farm is permanent pasture. We have retained smaller, traditional fields and substantial, wildlife-ladened hedges. 

We rear traditional breads like the native Aberdeen Angus and the stunning Red Ruby Devon. We have also introduced the Fleckvieh to the herd. Of Austrian heritage, it has a lovely temperament and produces exceptional beef. All of our breeds conceive and calve naturally once a year, generally in the kinder summer months. Once weaned, they are free to graze our lush pastures all year round. We are proud to say that our cattle enjoy their free-range lifestyle for a minimum of 28 months, double the length of time you can expect from intensive, commercially farmed cattle. Our beef is not only high quality, but also some of the greatest tasting on the market.

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Our Meats

We supply a range of cuts within all our boxes, giving you a wide selection of meal options. The meat is vacuum packed, making it ideal for storing in the fridge or freezer. 



Variety At Its Finest

We have a great, long standing working relationship with our butchers in the village – the award winning catering butchers MC Kelly. We share the same values ‘exceptional quality, never compromising on provenance and sustainability’. The beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days, a centuries old tradition that allows the meat to age naturally. This lengthy process ensures the great flavours and tenderness you would expect from high-end grass-fed beef. Why rush it, when we have spent such a long time rearing these great animals what’s a few more weeks. Good things come to those who wait.

We are proud of the exceptional quality of our meat, and excited that we are now offering direct to you. We have created a selection of Beef Boxes with a range of cuts. 

Roasting Joints

Our Prime Roasting joints are select cuts of Topside, Silverside or Top Rump. An absolute classic for a traditional Sunday roast, our lean, dry-aged beef joints are delicately marbled and come with just the right covering of fat to ensure succulent, tasty meat. Our master butchers cut each piece for the boxes to a minimum of 1kg. Each piece will be perfect for 4-6 people.


Our standard cut for the boxes is the dry-aged, rump steaks. They are well textured, succulent cuts with plenty of deep flavour and a meaty bite. 

We may also include sirloin steak, which is characterised by the layer of fat that runs along its length. This gives it a rich, deep taste and ensures a tender, succulent steaks. Our Gourmet box features the fillet steak. Cut from the tenderloin, these are the very best.


Our burgers are handmade with our extra lean mince and seasoning to produce the very best burgers. *Gluten Free burgers available upon request.


Our extra lean mince is prime beef mince that is ground a bit coarser to give your meals a beefy bite. Perfect for so many meals – Bolognese, cottage pie, lasagne, or maybe look a little further for inspiration and rustle up some enchiladas or a beef keema.


Another staple, the lean diced beef is expertly cut from the silver side flat and chuck roll. Perfect for slower, gentler cooking, it is ideal for stews, casseroles and a spicy homemade curry.

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By Buying our beef you are supporting your local farmer, greatly reducing food miles, and choosing beef that is ethically and sustainable reared… It also tastes amazing.

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